Dear Sir or Madam,

Who are we?
We are teachers and we wanted to offer and to promote artistic activities and sport to the young.
So we decided to create a Non profit Making Organization some years ago.

What do we organize?
We organize different sport courses in quality premises with professional teachers.
We also want to keep a family atmosphere and so we decided to limit the number of
registrations for each group and each course.

What are the Objectives of the courses?
We want to give each child the opportunity to learn or improve his/her knowledge of different sport, ranging from new ones to traditional ones.
We also want to make him/her feel at ease in a family atmosphere where he/she can learn at
his/her own rhythm.

Please fill in this document and send it to us. You will receive a confirmation for your registration with everything you need to know and to bring before the training courses.
Tax deduction
From 2005 (the 2006 tax year), you can be granted a tax deduction for the registration fees for children less than 12 years.
The total amount you can deduct is 11.20 Euro a day for each child.
To be granted this tax deduction you have to ask Yacasports for a tax attestation in April of the tax year.
We will give it to you totally filled in.

Registration fees
The registration fees encompass :
the material for the indoor/ outdoor sports (balls, badminton, tennis, table tennis…)
the insurance
the public transport (to go to the swimming pool, to the bowling…).
We ask your children to have something to eat for lunch (enough water, slice of bread and ham, fruit for the afternoon…) but we can go buy a sandwich if you asked for it.

Registration conditions

How to register your child?
You can contact us thanks to the website (see registration), register you child and send us the form.

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